Our Clients

Congratulations on preparing for your next move!  Change is an inevitable part of life and all moves cause some level of stress, whether you plan to move a single room, your whole house, or relocate your entire business.

Would you be interested in immediately lowering your anxiety about your move? Read on for valuable information about our clients which will help you determine your best fit.

Our Best Clients identify themselves as one or more of the below:


Corporate Clients

  • You understand the stakes are high during any corporate move: Most importantly, you need a properly insured company, ready to quickly and easily provide you with all of the required documentation you need on-hand to demonstrate you and your company are protected.
  • You prefer pre-decision assistance: You need to understand the cost and scope of your move, how you will coordinate with your executives and other employees, and how to ensure a consistent experience from your very first move.
  • You understand communication is a key to success: You seek someone who will both listen to what you need as well as provide experienced advice on how to properly coordinate all aspects of your move from prep work to the ‘until we meet again’ handshake.slider-img
  • You seek value and experience over bottom dollar rates: You are on the hunt for a skilled and efficient preferred service partner with whom you can build a long-term professional relationship.
  • You believe in pre-work: Every VIP move is different, needs and requests can vary wildly. You value the effort given to actively develop a plan that takes into account the unique challenges presented in each move.
  • You expect decisive authority on-site: You need a moving company who will have someone on-site at the time of your move who has the authority to make decisions at critical touch-points throughout the whole process, from appraisal, to pack and load, to delivery and inspection.

Residential Clients

  • You have treasured items that are valuable to you and your loved ones: You need a properly insured company, who also understands how to treat your loved ones with respect and will help them feel safe and confident during their move.
  • You want to avoid unpleasant surprises: You desire transparency, with an easy-to-read estimate which lists all the costs associated with your move and NO Hidden Fees.
  • You look for excellence in reputation: You prefer to work with a moving company with a stellar reputation, particularly if you need to coordinate a move for a friend or a relative from a long-distance location and are unable to meet your movers in person.
  • Mastery Moving-1You want to work with problem solvers: You might have cherished antiques to relocate, a piano to put in an “impossible” location, need entire rooms swapped inside of the same location, or any number of different needs and you need to know you have an experienced hand in completing your puzzle.
  • You need help to pack: You want to eliminate overwhelm and would love a helping hand to delegate the not-so-easy task of packing, as well as an experienced hand properly prepping washers and dryers, fragile items, items with moving parts, and more.
  • You want to know who you work with: You prefer to work with a team who knows you, led by a foreman you know by name, with the confidence you will not be sub-contracted out as just another number.

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